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With Focus TKS Audit you will be able to:

  • Have an optimal and updated control over your actual stock and its status in real time

  • Reduce the time needed to manage your processes,  and audit checklist changes.

  • Save IT costs with a cloud-based multiplatform solution. 

  • Improve your overall company´s processes reliability and homogeneity

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Benefits of Focus TKS
The definitive solution to manage your audit and data collection processes in the palm of your hands. 


Fully configurable
per Country




Business Intelligence 
Compatible with IOS and Android

Available in Apple Store and Playstore


Manages standards, vehicles and machinery Self Audit

Direct connection with our contact center to support the customer.



Different security measures in order to detect fraud

Certificates, Geolocation Timestamping


Offline mode (in case of networks problem)

Or areas of poor connectivity. 

Business case
Mass market automotive corporation:

One Dashboard for all the countries

  • 16 countries in one dashboard: UK, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Morocco

40% reduction back office task

  • We digitalize and automatize the inspection process

50% reduction inspections costs

  • Mix of Assisted and Physical audit allow to reduce the cost without increase the risk rates

Online Reports

  • Avoided manual back office in each country

  • Integrate with the IT of Customer

  • Automatically synchronize all the data

Automatical Planification

  • Tailored to comapany´s rules. Automatical monthly and yearly verifications implemented

Reduced Risk

  • Know the results of each audit in real time, in the same moment the auditor finish the audit.

  • Automatic alerts when serious issues detected